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Choosing Cesarean - A Natural Birth Plan
Choosing Cesarean: A Natural Birth Plan     

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"At last a sensible and ‘easy-to-read' book about the pros and cons of cesarean at the mother's request. It reviews the scientific evidence thoroughly enough to satisfy professionals but also explains it in
straightforward language for the nonmedical reader.

Professor Phil Steer, BSc, MD, FRCOG. Editor in chief, BJOG.     
"Any woman making a birth plan should add this book to her reading list, while healthcare professionals and policy makers would also benefit from the information presented in this book."      

"a valuable addition to any pregnancy- and childbirth-related shelf."
Library Journal
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Planning a caesarean delivery
Planning a caesarean delivery

Dr Ralph W Hale, MD, FACOG: 'This website will help explain some of the confusion surrounding the choice of elective cesarean delivery so the patient is better able to discuss this option, if she desires an elective cesarean, with her obstetrician or midwife.'
UK Birth Trauma Association
: 'ec provides a unique source of information for women who want to consider caesarean section or who want to explore all the options before arriving at their own personal decision.'